Thursday, June 21, 2012

King Street & Dance - I love this town!

King Street Photos
For class this week, we went for a true photojournalistic trip down the main shopping drag in Charleston, King Street. We were told to include detail shots and find interesting reflections, as well as wider shots that give you a more complete picture.

I went a little crazy on the reflections & architecture but my people photos didn't turn out so well. Everyone looked uncomfortable in front of my camera.
Like this dude. 
Note to self: Work on stealth ninja techniques. 
This one of my classmate, Bonnie turned out pretty well, but it was posed... so I broke the rules.

Random fact: in the US, you have the right to photograph anyone in public for artist purposes.

I had a unique opportunity to photograph a jazz class during an open house event at DANCEFX alongside the staff photographer, Ryan Woolsey. His work with dancers is really cool. Check out his website and the DANCEFX website at the bottom of this post. 

Working with my Canon Rebel XTi which has major limitations with it's ability to work in low light. 
The maximum ISO setting I can use is 1600, and at that setting, I get major "noise" or speckles in the darkest areas). Nonetheless, it was fun to capture some movement using a slightly slower shutter speed (most stop action shots should be around 1/250th of a second or faster, due to the low light and aforementioned limitations with my ISO settings, I had to use settings around 1/30-1/80th of a second which, fortunately allowed a little artistic blur to communicate the movement. The one below was taken with a 70-200mm ("zoom") lens  1/80th of a second exposure  at ISO 1600 (maxing out my camera's sensitivity in low light) and an aperture of f/5.6 This one caught the action I wanted, but unfortunately my focus point fell to the wall behind her. Dough!

Here are a few other shots from this class. Both were taken with the following settings: 
f/2.8, ISO 1600, 1/100 sec
These shots were all taken during the annual Spoleto Festival, so I snapped a shot of this huge banner along upper King Street.
Well put, banner maker, well put.

Thanks to these cool peeps for letting me crash their dance class and take some photos!
DANCEFX of Charleston