Thursday, January 15, 2015

It's Personal: A 52 Week Project

In the spirit of new beginnings and New Year's resolutions,  I will photograph my own family for 52 weeks: my kids, my spouse, my extended family and heck, maybe a few self-portraits (#worldsworstselfietaker).

I am pledging to break out my Big Girl Camera at least once a week. A project that will serve as a dedicated space and time for my own need to record the history of our family. Something that will make a great year-in-review book (but more digestible than a daily project).  So a 52 week project is a great start for me.

Can I do it?
You bet!
Will I blog about it every week?
Nope. But I will compile my favorites at least once a month. I can do this!

So here goes:

January, Weeks 1 and 2.
Lots of things happening in a post-holiday, post-passing-germs-like-a-hot-potato, post-I-can't-quite-get-my-feet-under-me frenzy.

A 1st birthday party for my baby girl. Two adorable dance performances by my big girls.

These weeks mark a bittersweet ending to the infancy of our last baby and the beginning of a new year full of joy and wonder. A year where we can all spread our wings a little bit, stretch beyond our comfort zones and accomplish things that were once beyond our imagination.

Join me on this journey by recording your own 52 week journey. Can you do it? Heck yes, you can!