Sunday, July 1, 2012

Growing Up in Mommy's Viewfinder

I am happy to have captured this photo of my youngest daughter, Logan. It was the very first time she successfully blew bubbles. It saddens me though, that I only saw it through my camera's viewfinder. 
With our kids growing up so fast, is better to capture the moment or live in the moment? I would like to find a good balance of both.
Logan's First Bubbles
These were taken during the final week of the Photo A Day class. We took a trip out of town and visited with good friends. I broke the big camera out far fewer times, but was able to get these shots of the kids blowing bubbles. I love the trees in the reflections. Bubbles are so magical!
Some other moments captured on the playground at the girls' school:
A portrait of Ms. Avis; a beautiful and kind teacher with endless patience.

Two beautiful and sweet sisters.
Ring around the rosie 'til we all fall down.