Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Real Adventure | Keepin' it Real Blog Series | Charleston Lifestyle Family & Child Photographer

Just hearing the title of this month's edition of the "Keepin' it Real" blog series awakened my wanderlust.  Real Adventure... {deep sigh}

I would love nothing more than to take off for a week's adventure (heck, even a day's adventure) bringing nothing but my curiosity and a camera.  Unplugged.

And here we are at the mid-point of the summer, having gone as far as the library, the beach and the pool with our three children - and I realize that the adventure is what you make it.

For my youngest, it's discovering that her toes are the best toys ever invented. For my middle child, it's finding new ways of getting around in the water. For my eldest, it's dusting off old toys and inventing new ways to play with them.

For me, it's carving out time each day for the people that matter most, enjoying the adventure in our everyday lives - when the "littles" are still little and the summer world is still our oyster.

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Jody Mack is a Charleston Lifestyle Newborn, Child & Family Photographer. "Keepin' It Real" is a blog circle of fellow Pinkle Toes Workshop alumni throughout North America where we are free to share our real moments. Please click through the links provided at the bottom of each blog post and explore!